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At Exodus.Life, we believe that our team brings a unique perspective and synergy to our work. While their resumes are important, we value the personal experiences of our team members even more. All eight members of our staff have faced and successfully overcome their own demons, making them proven warriors who understand firsthand the battles faced by those we serve.

Our team includes individuals who have been incarcerated, are in recovery, have dealt with the chaos of a sibling's addiction, and have even lost custody of their children due to mental health issues. They know what it's like to feel lost, wounded, and hopeless, but they have all found their way to sustained stability and are now fiercely determined to help others do the same.

In addition to these incredible team members, we are fortunate to have a retired pastor with 35 years of experience working with addicts and a clinician who spent 15 years at Community Corrections treatment facilities, including seven as the supervising treatment coordinator for all the units. With an MSW and licensure as a drug and alcohol counselor (LADC), the clinician is currently pursuing a "LMSW" and ultimately, an "LCSW". Additionally, three of our team members are trained State Certified Peer Specialists, and the six members in recovery bring a combined 75 years of sobriety and recovery experience to our team.

Through their personal and professional experiences, our team has witnessed the devastation that life can bring. But we also know that there is a way home, and we are dedicated to helping others find it.

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Myra Woolfolk

Executive Director

photo_2023-12-03 10.31.42.jpeg

Lujuana Acker

Peer Specialist

photo_2023-12-03 10.31.41.jpeg

Kim Clifton

Executive Assistant

photo_2023-12-03 10.31.37.jpeg

Chuck McKittrick

Exodus Academy Director

photo_2023-12-03 10.31.40.jpeg

Keondraya Farmer

Administrative Manager

photo_2023-12-03 10.31.39.jpeg

Crystal Davis

Youth Advisor

photo_2023-12-03 10.31.43.jpeg

Marguerite Taggart

Peer Specialist (Pine Bluff)

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