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Our History

Exodus.Life partners with Arkansas correctional rehabilitation facilities and faith-based organizations to help justince involved individuals mend broken relationships and overcome the cycle of recidivism. Our organization provides education, training, and peer recovery support services to justice-involved individuals to help them reintegrate into society. We collaborate with the state of Arkansas, community-based agencies, private businesses, and religious organizations to support program participants after their release.


We believe that to ensure their success, we must incorporate the best of spiritual and therapeutic principles in a highly relational setting with personal reinforcement.

To welcome people of all faiths and abilities, we operate as an independent, faith-based nonprofit organization that strives to address the true needs of our peers. By combining peer recovery support services with educational and pre-release programs, we have seen a higher success rate of program engagement from our participants.

Recognizing the need for ongoing peer support services after our peers' release, we developed the Peer Recovery Support Services Outreach Program in partnership with community behavioral health providers, mental health clinicians, and outpatient substance use providers. Our goal is to integrate peer support services into the overall treatment process, providing personalized, ongoing support whenever our peers need it. Our certified Peer Recovery Support Specialists work closely with peers and other service providers to ensure that everyone is working towards the same goals and that peers receive the resources and support they need to achieve lasting recovery.

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