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We Serve Communities


Communities are simply groups of people gathered to make life better.

The loss of a single member is the loss of a community asset.  It means the loss of a parent, employee, taxpayer, and much more.  Exodus.Life directly and indirectly provides many important services to the community:

  • Contributes to an atmosphere of hope and unity

  • Lowers recidivism rate, improving public safety and decreasing the tax burden of incarceration

  • Reclaims people lost to the job market, ultimately improving the economy

  • Directs people to think in terms of having a career by improving their skill sets

  • Creates more tax-paying citizens

  • Lessens addiction and criminal thinking, improving public safety

  • Facilitates positive collaboration between the courts, law-enforcement, the faith community, and business sectors

  • Stimulates citizens to action and work for the welfare of the community

  • Reunifies families, lowering the burden of foster care, Medicaid and other government service to the poor

  • Is a voice of reason on these difficult social issues

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