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We Serve Families


Are you aware that 50% of children in the Arkansas foster care system have at least one parent who is either incarcerated or addicted to substances?  Arkansas leads the nation in the percentage of children with a parent incarcerated.  Arkansas can do better!

Any mental health professional will tell you the best way to help a child is to help the parent.  It is for this reason we emphasize families and their importance.  When a mom or dad is dealing with addiction, incarceration, or a mental health crisis, the whole family suffers.  It is devastating if you are a parent with an addicted child, and there seems to be no hope.  If you are a child, you are traumatized, hurt, and impacted by that one fact for the rest of your life.

Families are intended to be together, wholesome, supportive, and safe.  None of these things are true if mom, dad, or a child are incarcerated or addicted.  Based on the statistics and countless other sources, there are no easy answers.  Exodus.Life doesn’t claim to have a “magic bullet” either, but we have watched as many families have been reunited with a healthier, more stable mom or dad. We’ve watched men discover careers and women regain custody of their children.


Here are some of the services we provide for families:

  • Teaching critical internal life skills to adults and more concrete skills like parenting, budgeting, manhood and how to be a good mom, all through Exodus Academy

  • Helping them find a career, not just a job

  • Providing things parents need for a successful re-entry and challenging participants to do the things they must do if they are to live stable productive lives

  • Providing direction and ongoing instruction, both one-on-one and through phyco-educational groups

  • Using our statewide network to refer families to therapy or other specialized services when needed

  • Helping families create new healthy relational networks

  • Making instructional and small group material available on-line and at our campus on concepts critical to a stable home

  • Giving families skills to confront and manage their addict's behavior while staying healthy themselves

The truth is, Exodus.Life isn’t about addiction, though we work with addicts.  It’s not about incarceration or mental health, though we work with inmates and dual diagnosis.  Exodus.Life is about rebuilding broken families by returning parents who are…Out For Life.

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