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We Serve Peers


Exodus.Life primarily serves individuals struggling with addiction, co-occurring disorders, and those who are incarcerated or in crisis along with their families. Our clients may be on probation, parole, or have never been arrested, and some may have recently relapsed after leaving treatment.


Exodus Academy has partnered with Arkansas Community Corrections (ACC), a division of the Arkansas Department of Corrections, and has graduated over 1,000 individuals from ACC facilities. Our program is designed for:

  • Inmate volunteers who are at least 90 days away from release

  • Non-violent, drug-related offenders

  • High school graduates or those with a GED

  • Both men and women, typically between the ages of 20 and 45

  • Many of our clients have children and up to 65% have a dual diagnosis with another mental illness.


Since February 5, 2021, we have been contracted to provide Exodus programming at the Jefferson County Sheriff's Office Adult Detention Facility in Pine Bluff.

In response to COVID-19, we have directed our peers to provide wrap-around services to the public. We offer our services to anyone in crisis who agrees to enter into a service agreement with us, free of charge. Due to pandemic-related limitations, we have augmented the efforts of other agencies, including those providing:


  • Faith communities (funded by the state)

  • Behavioral health providers (funded by the state)

  • ACC transitional centers

  • Sober living homes

  • Walk-ins or family referrals from the public

  • We actively recruit providers and faith-based institutions to offer our services and have secured agreements with about twenty institutions.

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