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Recovery Services

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EXODUS.LIFE not only provides education but also case management services for interested graduates and others in the community. Together they work through strategies to address their recovery needs, housing and employment opportunities. Exodus.Life partners with other service providers and volunteers in the community to help solve these problems. In the process, the graduates get the opportunity to develop a true support network. Mr. Ed Appler, LCSW is the Exodus Clinical Director and provides case management services.


  • Assessment

  • Goal planning

  • Individual therapy

  • Group therapy

  • Family therapy

  • Resource referral

  • Support systems

  • Crisis management

  • Advocacy


Lindsey's Story

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For the greater part of my life I have struggled with self-image issues and substance abuse. Something my upbringing simply couldn’t correct. My late twenties was a combination of chaos and jail. Relentlessly wanting something different in my life but never knowing how to get there on my own. In 2016 when I was released from prison I had made up my mind that things would be different. I had no idea that shortly after I would be introduced to an amazing group of people, who not only understood my exact situation but welcomed me in to their network with open arms. Exodus.Life has changed my life in so many ways. Now I have confidence in my self, a new perspective on life, and hope for my future.


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The mission of Exodus.Life is to build a healthier and safer Arkansas
through the re-education, recovery, and reunification of families. We
are directly lowering the recidivism rate and decreasing the number
of children in foster care through our unique approach where we work
with state, faith based, educational and community programs.


Exodus.Life developed a unique partnership with Arkansas’ correctional rehabilitation facilities and other faith-based organizations who are committed to helping incarcerated men and women reconcile their broken relationships. We recognize that recidivism is not just a “family” problem. It is a cycle that affects all of our communities. Exodus.Life helps offenders start a new life through transition and reintegration education and training, and peer recovery support services. We work closely with the State of Arkansas, religious organizations, community-based agencies, and private sector businesses to support the restoration of program participants after their release. We believe that in order to ensure our program participants’ success, drastic change is necessary. This change requires that the best of spiritual
and therapeutic principles be applied in a highly relational setting with continued personal reinforcement. In order to invite people of all faiths and competencies to participate we operate as an independent, faith
based non-profit organization. Exodus.Life strives to address the true needs of the population
we served. By incorporating peer recovery support services into educational and pre-release services, we recognized a higher success rate of program engagement from participants. As participants re-
entered society, we continued to seek request for peer services from them while they were working with other service providers, hence, the introduction of the Peer Recovery Support Services Outreach Program. Exodus.Life collaborates with community behavioral health providers, mental health clinicians in private practice, and outpatient substance use providers to incorporate peer recovery supports into the treatment process whenever the peer deems they are needed.

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Recovery Services