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Our Team

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Angela Rhodes

Angela Rhodes is a native Arkansan with a passion and drive for the betterment of all Arkansas communities. Angela and husband, Troy, are the parents of three beautiful children who attend local Little Rock Public Schools. The Rhodes own and operate local business, Stone Works LLC. Angela is a Realtor at locally owned Coldwell Banker RPM and boasts a 20 career in offering businesses solutions for IT companies such as MCI WorldCom, SBC at&t, and Cisco Systems. The Rhodes are involved in and support several local boards, charities and churches.

Myra Woolfolk

Myra Woolfolk earned her BA in Criminal Justice and MS in Addiction Studies, from the University Arkansas at Pine Bluff and MSW from Louisiana State University. Myra has at least 19 years’ experience in addiction and correctional treatment programming and development.  She has long been an advocate for the emotional health and wellness of individuals experiencing challenges from untreated mental health and substance use issues. She brings a wealth of experience ranging from administrative management, developing substance use treatment, educational, and vocational programs for individuals in the state of Arkansas as well as professional development for behavioral health clinicians. In 2016 she founded Harbor City Health and Wellness to equip and empower individuals desiring optimal emotional wellness.

Paul Stevens

Paul Stevens is the Executive Director of the Exodus Project. A native Arkansan from Little Rock, Paul has spent a life time serving the community. He is married to Margaret and has three children. He is a graduate of UALR and did post graduate work at John Brown University. Paul started his career operating four homeless shelters. In 1997 he went on staff with Fellowship Bible Church where served for twenty years. He spent his last 10 years as a member of the on Fellowship’s senior leadership team. Since 1989 Paul has directly or indirectly with broken marriages, child welfare, addiction and the incarcerated.

John Green

John is an Executive Vice President at Stephens Inc and President of Stephens Support Services in Little Rock.  He has been with Stephens since 1986 and is responsible for IT operations for Stephens and some of their subsidiaries. He attended the University of Arkansas at Little Rock with undergraduate work in Chemistry and Computer Science.  He and his wife Tamie have 5 children and 5 grandchildren.

Jim Phillips

Married to Connie for 38 years. 4 children 8 grandchildren. Retired managing partner – JPMS/Cox Little Rock. Legacy Elder – Fellowship Bible Church- Little Rock.

Current board memberships:

  • Magnolia Banking Corporation

  • Divine Destinies

  • Exodus Project

  • World Gospel Outreach -Honduras

  • Edafio Technology Partners

Our Staff

Alex Greene

Alex Greene is Peer Recovery Support Specialist with Alex works post-release with graduates as well as in the Emergency Department for overdose survivors.


Alex was born and raised in Little Rock, Arkansas where he attended High School, and later traveled to the University of Arkansas. While pursuing higher education, Alex struggled with heavy opioid abuse. His addiction resulted in two heroin overdoses, numerous treatment centers, and finally a five year prison sentence. Today, Alex, thankfully, has over two years of sustained recovery from all drugs and alcohol.


Now Alex enjoys spending time with his family and friends, working out and eating healthy, and giving back to others. He gives back to the Peer community by collaborating with fellow peer specialists to increase and share resources, as well as tools, for the benefit of peers. He also gives back by contributing personal time and his own lived experience to help others find a better way of life.

Casey Copeland

Casey was born and raised in Little Rock, Arkansas. After graduating high school, he attended the University of Arkansas at Little Rock, and by the age of 20 he was grieving the death of his father as he began working in the Insurance business. He spent nearly a decade in the insurance business and held a dual license in both Property and Casualty and Life and Health Insurance while simultaneously suppressing his deep-rooted grief. By the age of 27, he was diagnosed as having clinical depression and was prescribed medication that he began abusing. Over time, this led to him using much harder drugs and resulted in his incarceration.


He was released from prison in 2015, and stayed clean for nearly two years. He ended up right where he left off and before long he had failed enough drug tests to receive a sanction from his parole officer. His parole officer sent him to the Arkansas Community Correction (ACC) for 90 days. During his time at the ACC he made the decision to never use drugs again.

Once clean from drugs and alcohol, he met a beautiful girl who he is now married to, and they’re expecting their first child. Casey continues to put God first in everything he does and gives God all the glory. He continually strives to stay focused on his recovery by working a program and by working out at the gym. He enjoys feeding the homeless and being a productive member of society. He is also a ministry leader, along with his wife, for Celebrate Recovery at Westrock Baptist Church.

Casey Copeland is now a certified Peer Recovery Support Specialist (PRSS), and supervisor to all of the PRSS’s in the State of Arkansas. He is the first PRSS in the state to hold a position in a jail setting which gives him the expertise and insight to guide and train the trainers for the Arkansas Core Model and Re-Entry program. He is the Director of the A.P.A.R.T Coalition, and of the Rock of Hope Transitional Houses, and a member of the APAC Committee.

Lujuana Acker

A little about me I’m the fourth child of 8 and I was one of the one’s who didn’t like myself so I started on a journey of addiction for 30 plus years. Come from a family with both parents and sibling were very supportive.

I came into recovery May 20, 2001 and that was a new start of my life. I went to treatment for a month and then to Chem-free house for a year. I worked with a sponsor, attended meeting. I started working with other ladies like me. I became a sponsor giving back what was freely given to me.

2004-2014 I went to work at Recovery Centers of Arkansas was there for ten years. I work with adult male and female and some where Federal clients. I did groups, individual session and family groups. In 2014-2019 I worked at United Family Services; where I worked

with adolescents and their families. I did groups, individual session and some family session.

2019-still I’m with Exodus.Life working with adults who are entering back into society. When I heard about peer specialist, I thought that would be something I would like to do and I’m still helping others and I

understand what they are going through. So for now everyday is one day at a time.

Chuck McKittrick

Chuck grew up in Dallas, Texas. As a child he suffered through a lot of abuse, violence, and molestation at the hands of those who should hav3 protected him. At the age of 11, Chuck first used marijuana. At 12, he first drank alcohol, and at the age of 14, he progressed the methamphetamine use. Chuck said there was no love in his family, no one even mentioned the word. He grew up hating himself, living in fear that someone would find out the secrets of his past. For the next 40 years, Chuck was in active addiction, and went in and out of prison 8 times. he became hopeless and was filled with a broken spirit. He pretty much gave up on life and accepted the fact that he would probably die in prison or on the streets. He even considered suicide. During Chuck's last incarceration, he met a nice guy who said he'd help him. His name was Jesus.


There was a program offered at this prison called Exodus, and, after chuck confirmed Jesus was a part of the program, he decided to participate. he said a small handful of people showed up, loved and cared for him, gave him hope, and "loved him until he could learn to love himself. Chuck game his life to Jesus Christ and today no longer wants to be in the cycle of incarceration. he now works for Exodus.Life as the Director of the Exodus Acadamy. Chuck says, "I'm all about saving lives and inmates." Chuck has restored his relationship with his three sons, he supports himself and he is a mentor to others. he receives much support from his large church family. He has been clean and sober for three and a half years. He says at 56 years old, " This is the first time in my life I've learned to live how Christ wants me to." Chuck is an amazing example of letting the light of Christ shine through a human vessel.

Mishay Harris

Mishay was born in North Little Rock, Arkansas. From the early age of 12, she struggled with incarceration and drug use. Mishay later received her GED in the Department for Youth Services (DYS). Shortly after DYS, Mishay met her husband, and they have three beautiful children. Mishay continued to struggle with opioid and methamphetamine use for many years, which eventually led to her losing custody of her children. Today Mishay has over three years of sustained recovery from all mind-altering substances and now has all of her children back in her life.

Mishay works as a Peer Recovery Support Specialist at Exodus.Life. Her primary focus is with the graduates from West Memphis. She also works with graduates from Little Rock.

Today Mishay loves spending quality time with her husband and children, as well as close friends. She enjoys being a Peer Recovery Support Specialist because she has a passion for helping others who have been where she once was. She loves watching others grow, helping them find a pathway of recovery that works for them. Mishay is now living a life full of enjoyment.

Kim Sharp

Kim is a native of West Little Rock who grew up attending local private school and was active in sports. As she approached her teenage years, she fell into a deep depression and severely struggled with social

anxiety. During these years, Kim was basically home bound, dropped out of high school, endured hospitalizations, a suicide attempt, and was even told by doctors that she would be this way forever. Her

life spun completely out of control leading to incarceration in the Arkansas Department of Corrections at

the age of 20. In the depths of hopelessness, she finally heard and accepted the words of her Savior, and her life has never been the same. Upon her release at the age of 32, she followed the call of God on her life to pass on the hope and joy she found in Jesus to others who were reentering society. She tries to honor Romans 8:28 – God works ALL THINGS together for good – by being His hands and feet on the earth. She has worked at a transitional living facility as well as ACC, assisting and encouraging those coming from addiction and incarceration.

Amanda Hathcock

Ms. Amanda Hathcock holds two Bachelor’s Degrees from the University of Arkansas at Little Rock graduating in 2011 with honors.  One degree is in Professional Technical Writing and the other is in Media Production & Design.  She has varied experiences in marketing and production across education and media fields over the last thirteen years.  In addition, she has authored and published a children’s adventure book and when possible visits local elementary schools to read her book to the children.  She is excited about her new role at Exodus.Life and feels like she is exactly where God wants her to be.

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